Check out my language services.

Translation > documents (from Spanish or English) translated and adapted to the French public (video and text formats)
Video translation > creation of subtitles (transcription of time-coded dialogues), translation of subtitles, translation of script for dubbing
Post edition (PEMT) > revision and correction of machine translations
Transcription FR>FR: written reproduction of audio documents and manuscripts
Copywriting: top-quality content adapted to your medium and readership
Terminology: compiling glossaries
Quality control: monolingual revision (checking spelling, syntax and typography), bilingual revision (comparison of source and target texts with a focus on meaning, omissions and terminology).
Extra benefit: Linguistic support
If you have doubts about your writing in French in terms of accuracy and consistency. I can provide support tailored to your needs, helping with copywriting and proofreading, and giving tips to perfect your mastery of written French.

To provide you with the best possible service and ensure that my work fully meets your budget, quality and turn-around requirements, I suggest this tried-and-tested working process (standard ISO 17100:2015).