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Education and training:


· Education and training: pedagogy, didactics, psychology development, cognitive sciences, learning processes, learning difficulties and disorders in children, personal development

The fields of education and training are undergoing a sea change. New approaches and models are emerging, backed by scientific findings. Digital expansion has opened the field up, driving vulgarisation. Experts are harnessing the ensuing visibility, fostering comparisons and the questioning of current models. This visibility also provides future students with a broad choice of content and teaching methods. Educational policies and systems also feel this impact, now integrating an international dimension. Increasing exchanges and initiatives both within the European Union and elsewhere in turn fuels needs in international communication.
Against this globalised backdrop, translators facilitate communication within educational projects set up by NGOs, as well as supporting mobility projects and helping to circulate innovations in the sector.

Call on a professional to translate, draft or proofread your:
Correspondence, research articles, reports, theses, course books, etc.
Formats: text, video and slides

Life sciences


Life sciences: healthcare, nutrition, biology, biotechnology, epidemiology, genetics, neuroscience, ecology, environment and biodiversity

Bioscience is a vast sector. It embraces the study of living organisms and, by extension, the related technologies and the fields they apply to. This is an ever-evolving industry, as witnessed by the heady pace of scientific publication worldwide. The number of articles published daily in science journals has been estimated at nearly 5,000. International joint publications are likewise burgeoning, emphasising the importance of international dialogue and the need for top-quality communication.
In this context, translators leverage their science and language skills to carefully avoid the pitfalls of specific terminology, helping to propagate knowledge.

Call on a professional to translate, draft or proofread your:
Press releases, support materials and vulgarisation articles, as well as clinical studies, protocols, reports, theses, etc.
Formats: text, video and slides

Film and video translation


Film and video translation: subtitles, dubbing and voice-over

Video is an effective communication format, applicable to many industries. It can be used to explain, describe or narrate. The power of visual images needs no demonstrating, but the quality of translated text is crucial to put the meaning across accurately.
Translators make sure that the translated text conveys the meaning of the original text, in a similar style, and consistent with the format.
To translate your content, there are three possible techniques:
- Subtitling: audio content is displayed on screen. It may be a transcription of the original version or a translation. This is painstaking work, factoring in restrictions in length, legibility and synchronisation with the images.
- Voice-over: the translated text is recorded over or in replacement of the original voices without taking lip movement into account. This technique is often used in documentaries, conferences and advertising.
- Dubbing: the translated dialogue replaces the original. Dubbing actors record the translated dialogue, synchronising with lip movement, without sacrificing natural speech: this is quite an art!

Call on a professional to translate, draft or proofread your:
Documentaries, advertisements, conferences, guides, virtual guided tours, event broadcasts, social media content etc.
- Transcription with time codes
- Pure translation (time codes supplied by the client)
- Translation with time coding
Format: text (script) or subtitles (srt, sub, etc.)



Tourism/leisure: sports, travel, culture and heritage, gastronomy, hospitality, wine tourism, well-being

Whether you’re writing for B2B or B2C, your prose needs to be flawless, dynamic and hard-hitting. Winning a client or prospect over is a matter of sparking a dream, then inciting them to go all out for the full experience. To achieve this, you need to win their trust, by using familiar, appealing language.
The translator’s role is to adapt your content to target culture specifics (age, culture and language). Remember that flawless copywriting adds to the credibility of your business.

Call on a professional to translate, draft or proofread your:
Flyers, brochures, menus, guide books, publications, correspondence, press releases, blog and social media content etc.
Formats: text, video and slides