In a few words

About me

I am a certified translator and teacher.

In September 2019, I paused my teaching career to set up my own business offering language services. Since then, I have facilitated intercultural dialogue, serving both firms and private individuals.
I make sure to keep abreast of innovations in my specialist fields. Given the current predominance of video as a medium of communication, whatever the industry (tourism, sciences, medicine, self-development, etc.), I have also specialised in the translation of subtitles and dubbing.
I take on each project as a fresh challenge, a chance to collaborate with people all over the world, and above all, an opportunity to give my best.
I take care seeking out the best possible solutions to comply with my clients’ imperatives in terms of time and money, all in a spirit of cheerful goodwill. Please find below a short account of my career.

My career to date

Brimming with curiosity and a keen sense of logic, I majored in science at high school. I passed my maths-oriented Baccalaureate C, following on with a 1-year university course in Science and Structure of Matter. Having bathed in a multicultural environment since childhood, I had developed an early interest in Hispanic culture. As a student, I travelled in Spain, and felt the appeal of Latin America. Feeling an urge to learn more about this culture and the intersecting histories of these nations, I enrolled in a 3-year degree in Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture. My professors cultivated a burning passion for their subject, introducing us to untold riches; I honed my literary culture exploring subjects such as linguistics, literature, art, history and anthropology.
Throughout my studies, I worked as a high school monitor. This helped to foster my desire to teach others. To avoid narrowing down my natural eclecticism, I opted to teach at primary school and passed the primary school teacher’s exam. For 17 years, I taught a great spectrum of children aged 2 to 13, who spoke a variety of native languages, some with disabilities or learning and behavioural disorders. The profession met my expectations, and I participated in the design and implementation of many multi-disciplinary projects, inspired by dynamic, innovative team members,.
Taking stock during career assessment, I was asked a host of questions: what was I interested in, what skills did I possess? The history of cultures, linguistics, science, the sharing of knowledge, all these skills pointed to a profession and I chose to switch to translation. So I enrolled in a Spanish-to-French translation course - at the EDVENN centre (previously known as Ci3M), combining this remote 1-year course with my teaching work, and passing with distinction.
Member of the ASETRAD (Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes)